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Bio in a nutshell

Cindy Wina Quirion, born in Arthabaska in 1979, is from Plessisville in Centre-du-Québec. She also resided in several regions of Quebec and in France to finally settle on the North Shore of Montreal.

  Small, already an artist at heart, she was often in her imaginary world with a pencil in her hand. As a teenager, she created and modified her own clothes. But, life has taken her down different paths. And according to her, nothing is lost!

She mainly worked in the hotel and catering industry and in hairdressing. As a result, she was fortunate to have several mentors who inspired her. Including one in particular, who transmitted to him his love of travel, haute couture, architecture and especially religious art.

Following the birth of her twins, she resumed her drawing book. And it was in 2016 that she followed an academic drawing and acrylic painting program, to then continue her approach on her own.

She also has a background in special education. This allowed her to deepen her interest and knowledge of psychology and human behavior, two subjects that fascinate her and that she now wants to address in her works.

Curious, she defines herself as a lover of diversity, who seeks, through experience, to push the limits of her art. As a result, she recently discovered experimental photography and digital arts. Each channel of expression is for her a source of adventure which helps her to push back her limits and to fulfill herself as an artist.


Artistic approach

When I started, my first intention was to perfect my drawing and to learn about acrylic painting in order to bring out this creativity that was sleeping deep inside me. I've always had an obsession with faces (especially female ones), because I love the emotions and the strength they can convey. As a result, I looked for different styles to express my ideas. Then, I also explored a much more abstract aesthetic, to finally get into what really interests me, that is to say, to create more personal characters by joining the figurative and the abstract.

I don't want to frame my thinking in any way, so my work shifts over time, changing and evolving as events unfold.  Now, according to my vision, everything is inspirational. Each project is therefore revealing of what I live and feel.  

From now on, my painting compositions are often made from mixed techniques in order to personalize my language as much as possible. It all depends on what I want to convey through my works. My palette has also evolved and I incorporate a lot more bright colors into it than before. My work often reflects my interest in human behavior as well as the work of introspection, personal and spiritual evolution.

With experimental photography, I try to translate the perpetual movement and the speed in which we live. Our contemporary world which is filled with imperatives of time, which force modern man to enjoy his existence through a desire for speed and rapid self-realization. However, speed also makes it possible to multiply the possibilities, to live with intensity and to have many experiences.  But often one-off experiences that bring fleeting satisfaction.  I often wonder if this makes us miss the point? And, how, then, do we keep control of our lives without letting ourselves be caught up in this speed?  

I would like to continue my journey, exploring my inner world a little more by integrating a touch of symbolism. I have a lot of ideas that are jostling and it is through my works that I intend to make them take shape.

For me, art is liberating, allowing me to regain a sense of love and trust. And when I manage to convey these feelings to people, I say to myself: “Mission accomplished”.


  • October 2020 to today: Gallea Gallery, Montreal. QC.

  • November 2020 to April 2021: The HangArt Gallery Montreal. QC.

  • Dec-April 2021: Nuages B business center, Montreal. QC.

  • Dec-April 2021: Massotrp Clinic, Montreal. QC.

  • February-April 2020: Maison des Arts, Expo Grands Formats, Saint-Faustin-du-Lac Carré. QC.

  • August-October 2019: Maison des Arts, 23rd EDITION ANNUAL COMPETITION, Saint-Faustin-du-Lac-Carré. QC.

  • June 2019: Maison Garth, Exhibition of artists from Lorraine and guests, Lorraine. QC.

  • February-May 2019: Maison des Arts, Expo des mini-solos, Saint-Faustin-du-Lac-Carré. QC.

  • June 2018: Maison Garth, Exhibition of artists from Lorraine and guests, Lorraine. QC.

  • November 2017: Créaction workshops, Collective exhibition, Saint-Jérôme. QC.



   Finalist of the ArtXTerra Entrepreneur of the Year 2020 competition. 
   First prize ''Choice favorite of the public'' collective exhibition at the      Creation workshops 2017.





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''It's never too late to become what we could have been .''

***Mary Ann Evans - known as George Eliot***

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